Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Night Sky by Mina

I don't typically invite guest writers to this site, not being in a hurry to share the attention. But Mina wrote this one last night and asked me if I would post it…..

One evening I was enjoying the dark sky.
I saw a small light flickering across the yard.
It was a firefly!
I thought my sister would love to see the sight.
I ran inside and told my dad what I saw.
My dad said it would lift my sister’s spirt, because she already felt bad. She had a
stomach ache. So I brought her to see the starry sky filled with fireflies.
She is one of those people who gets interested in lots of things.
We came out to see the sky filled with stars, fireflies, and the almost full moon.
My dad was right; it sure did lift her spirit.
I watched as my sister gazed at the sight. Her eyes were filled with excitement.
When I went into the backyard, my dog jumped on me.
I heard my dad in my house calling my name

and went to bed.

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